How to Protect Yourself from Ticks | Camping

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25 Responses to How to Protect Yourself from Ticks | Camping

  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    This video is full of horrible advice! Never use tweezers to remove a tick.
    You will leave the head imbedded in your skin. THAT is how you end up
    getting lime disease from an infected tick. NEVER twist. Again, you will
    leave the head behind. You have to make the tick pull it’s head out on its
    own. Fire works best. a match that has just been put out has worked for me.
    Also, a lighter that has been heated up a little. There are other ways,
    alcohol will work, I have also used fingernail polish remover. You are more
    likely to find a tick in your crotch than in your armpits or hair. Your
    crotch is a lot closer to the ground than those other places.
    The other thing is DEET is horrible stuff. It has been known to kill
    infants. Do you want to put that stuff on your skin? There are plenty of
    other insect repellents out there that work just as well without DEET.
    Sheesh, city folk. (head shake)

  2. Russell Suender says:

    This may sound somewhat painful,but it works,if you catch the tick as it’s
    started to enter.Hold a cigarette just close enough where you feel the
    heat.The tick will start to back out just far enough to remove it with
    tweezers.Works for me.

  3. Tyler Hampton says:

    this woman sounds retarded…

  4. Adam Riley says:

    Damn city slickers.. Grab the tick, rip it out and burn with lighter.. Lol

  5. SARAH Connors says:

    I read that dichotomous earth dust is excellent for ticks and fleas. So we
    put it to the test. We found a tick on our dog, kicking and wiggling. I put
    this tick in the dust, within minutes it was dead. So we dusted our dogs
    with the D.E. before we went outside again. Hours later we did find ticks
    but they were DEAD.
    NEVER have we found them dead no matter what product we used.
    We dusted our couch, our carpet our cars with this D.E. 

  6. Jacquelyn Wells says:

    Never twist! Ever! That can cause the the mouth piece of a tick to be left
    in the skin.

  7. Brent Spooner says:

    That was r the last one that should be giving advice
    about ticks

  8. Abram van der Fluit says:

    Um…. maybe you should show us what they look like! This is a stupid
    video of a girl talking… not SHOWING how to do anything!

  9. Derya kulak says:


  10. Holly EGW says:

    You could break off the mouth!!!!!
    Gently pull it straight out……

  11. Angel Baby says:

    Step one: Don’t go camping. :P 

  12. Madysen O'Brien says:

    Omg Omg Omg this makes me so scared I know have tickphobia = fear of ticks
    I’m only 14 and I don’t wanna get lyme disease god please remove ticks for.
    the world it kills people!!!!

  13. Steve Lahr says:

    use like vitamin E skin oil as a base & add eucalyptus oil to it. Ticks
    don’t like eucalyptus. also add to it lemon grass oil, cuz skeeters don’t
    like that. works great! tested it for skeeters in garden a couple of
    nights ago when they were biting me before I used the mixture. Also, last
    year I went hiking two weekends in a row to same place. Found like 15
    ticks on each of us first weekend. Next weekend we hiked same areas & used
    oil mixture & found only 1 tick.

  14. Tube Oswald says:

    well….the best way to remove a tick is just cut off the whole area where
    the tick bites. For example: if a tick bites into your arm, remove the
    whole arm.

  15. 481morda says:

    Step one: Don’t go camping……

    Step Two: Burn down the forest…………..

  16. WBOWLER126 says:

    Two words dawn soap

  17. BritishGamingNerd BGN says:

    step one: buy a house sized bubble
    step two: live in the bubble
    step three: die of air deprivation 

  18. chairshoe81 says:

    poor cute lady is so nervous

  19. Donald Stafford says:

    so scary ill just stay in my home

  20. SkaterDK Søren bastian says:

    Next person

  21. Darian Stephens says:

    I would’ve been happier just thinking that they’re bugs.

  22. Eric Deplata says:

    Kill them all.

  23. Rachel Stevens says:

    Wow. Woulda come in handy a month ago when I got a tick from camping -.-

  24. Rogelio Ochoa says:

    I don’t feel like hiking anymore :(

  25. La Ghettochicken says:

    i think this channel has the most videos ever!!

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