Multiple options for fighting fleas

Multiple options for fighting fleas
Fleas also bite humans, causing an itchy rash. Your dog may have reacted to either the active ingredient in Frontline (Fipronil), or one of the inactive ones. Bathing her was the right thing to do. If you try a different topical brand and another
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Causes of pet itching fall into 3 categories
Dogs with flea allergies can have a classic pattern of hair loss and skin irritation. It involves the rump area right over the tail, the tail, and between the thighs. If the itching involves these areas and fleas or flea dirt is seen on the pet
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Don't let your beloved pet become a casualty in the war on ticks, fleas
Only topical treatments are safe for cats, according to Dr. Robert Feher of the Brewer Veterinary Clinic. He says pet owners must be extra careful not to use flea products designed for dogs on their cats. Because of its grooming habits, anything that's
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