Deadly rabid skunk walked into local woman's life

Deadly rabid skunk walked into local woman's life
The disease is spread to humans from mammals, commonly by a bite or scratch. Infected saliva that comes into contact with any mucous membrane is also a risk. Worldwide most human rabies cases are the result of a dog bite. In theUSA, less than 5 percent …
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DOGS & CATS: On The Road Again Pet Safety Tips
Bugs and debris can scratch their eyes. • Summertime also is foxtail time. These are little grass seeds that like to stick and burrow into the skin. Foxtails (see picture) also love to go up noses, get into the eyes and ears. Bring tweezers or a small
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New drug may stop your dog's allergy-related itching
When dogs have allergies, they can go absolutely crazy trying to stop the itch. They lick their paws, bite their sides and scratch their ears. It's hard to see them suffer and we all know that all of this biting and scratching can lead to a serious
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AVA looks into codes of animal welfare, which will help in prosecuting offences
The MSCC thus had to start from scratch to establish that common ground through discussion consultation and agreement from the various members who represent different stakeholder groups." The codes will serve as guidelines, but can be used as a …
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