Color Love // Sensational Sand

1. Floppy Felt Hat, the Iconic  //  2. Metallized Beige Sunglasses, DKNY  //  3. Lightweight Sand Sweater, Yoox  //  4. Tai Rope and Zig Zag Crystal Bracelet, Bluefly  //  5. Sights for Soaring Eyes Scarf, Modcloth  //  6. Catch You on the Zip Side Bag, Modcloth  //  7. White Sand Sunburst Necklace, House of Harlow 1960  //  8. Sand Tropez Nail Color, Essie  //  9. Overdyed Cotton Mary Jane Shoes, Urban Outfitters   

When it comes to neutrals, I am a grey girl through and through.  But I’ve noticed a lot of beige tones in fashion and home decor this summer, specifically sand (it was one of Pantone’s spring 2014 colors). And I realized that I’ve been ignoring it for much too long.  It may not be the most exciting on the color scale, but it brings a nice balance to just about any bold color with which you pair it.  Sand also, of course, brings to mind the beach and summertime, which are two of my favorite things.  So before summer starts to wind down, I decided that I just had to pay tribute to this very current summery shade (which also happens to be a great transition color into fall) via a Color Love post.

What are your thoughts on sand (or beige tones in general)?  Too boring, or the perfect neutral?

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