How to kill Fleas on your Dog Naturally

I am killing Fleas on my Dog Puffy with my HOMEMADE SOAP made with Cedar Wood and Tea Tree Essential Oil. see my dog gets a bath and how the soap works. We went to a friends house and puffy …
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25 Responses to How to kill Fleas on your Dog Naturally

  1. Rob Rich says:

    Am I the only one seeing the dishes in the other side of the sink! Just

  2. Judy Adams says:

    Tea tree oil is toxic to dogs!

  3. Gloria Smith says:

    Larval fleas continue the cycle. As larvae, fleas gain nutrients from flea
    feces and small organic material. The larval fleas ingest the proglottids.
    The eggs hatch inside the larval flea’s body to become tapeworm larvae. Mar
    Vista Animal Medical Center’s website explains that the adult flea carries
    the tapeworm inside its body. When the flea bites a dog, the dog will
    sometimes bite at and swallow the flea. By swallowing the flea, the dog
    ingests the tapeworm. The tapeworm then grows to its full size inside the
    dog’s intestine. The tapeworm is hermaphroditic (both male and female) and
    it continues the life cycle by releasing egg-filled proglottids through the

    Just a little fyi…

  4. Veronica Hawthorne says:

    Hello, I would be really interested in purchasing some of your cedar and
    tea tree soap! I loved your video! I have a Bichon Frise and right now we
    are fighting with the fleas and ticks. She has really chewed herself up
    good this time….please message me back and I can send my email and/or
    cell number so we could communicate. Thank you very much! I’ve subscribed
    to your channel! :-) 

  5. TheZombieSlayer666 says:

    Hi, my name is Derek and I have an old dog named Scruffy.
    He’s had fleas for about 6-7 years. I just got lots of fleas off of him,
    but yet everything we try, no matter how many we kill, they’re still on him.
    He’s an inside dog, and rarely goes outside. I’m buying a Flea Collar, some
    Flea Shampoo, some sort of Flea Spray, and a few more things.
    Can anybody give me suggestions on ways to get them off of him?

  6. Dave H says:

    I Dont understand why everyone is bitching about the dishes and it not
    being clean.. Thats what the fuck soap is for…

  7. Nathalie Mitter says:

    Did you people see that flea on her hand?

  8. Crazy HybridChick says:

    Puffy is just adorable, and I love how you talk to her. 

  9. Michelle Jay says:

    Uh I’m pretty sure she’s going to wash her dishes. Be cool.

  10. Sole Survivor says:

    Naw you’re being so rough on poor baby girl!

  11. emma H says:

    does it kill eggs too

  12. holly2799 says:

    You can’t grow a tapeworm by putting fleas in water….SMH
    It’s videos like this that keep me employed in a vet clinic. People come
    and say “oh I use natural products and my pet still has worms/fleas!” Well
    no shit Sherlock! You need to treat your dog with medicine and you need to
    treat their home as well. Fleas are only on a dog for 20% of their life.
    And also there are hundreds of flea medications on the market now so saying
    your dog can’t tolerate sprays or topicals won’t work because there are
    tablets galore. 

  13. Margaret Martin says:

    Some of you best take the idea of “if you cannot say something nice do not
    say anything at all”. I have used this soap and it works. So does the
    goat’s milk, honey
    and oatmeal. Works wonders.

  14. Puppy lover123 says:

    hi my name is savannah i have a puppy she is about 6 weeks old i think she
    was born on may 16 2014 and she has fleas like alot and we tried dish soap
    and it didnt work she still has lots of flees and she is so miserable
    scratching all the time so if any one knows what other methods i could try
    on her please tell me thanks!

  15. Tyllegirl says:

    As I see it, theres a living flea in the sink at 10.09 so not so sure this

  16. Frank Furter says:

    ugly lil dog i bet u fat with ur annoying voice XD

  17. ashley banda says:

    does it work with ticks?

  18. Whoozinga says:

    Get over the dog in the sink guys, its not defecating on her clean dishes
    as she eats from them, omg,lol.

  19. Faris Jaclyn says:

    AWE Puffy! You poor baby! Some dogs are REALLY sensitive to chemicals!
    (Rightfully so! Monthly harsh chemicals on your dog’s entire body has to be
    hard on them). Hope Puffy’s doing well!

  20. Veronica Hawthorne says:

    PS….Puffy is just adorable! And please pay no attention to the ignorant
    haters on here. People are very brave behind a keyboard and will say
    anything stupid to get attention.

  21. Darlene DeCicco says:

    She looks like she’s freezing. Relieve some warm water in the bottom of the
    sink and put it over her :-( 

  22. Emily Howard says:

    Make sure not to use tea tree on your cats, it absorbs into their skin and
    is neurotoxic.

  23. GERALYN Detroy says:

    Use dawn dish soap but the real brand of dawn i did that with my dogs it
    really works

  24. Rosa Sheeran says:

    at 10:08 u can see one moving in the sink look closely

  25. NUNZIA WRIGHT says:

    I am interested to buy this soap. I went to your website and I find it very
    I was lost on how many things u see on it.
    How do I find what I need ? 

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