Bathing Beauty Babes: My Favorite Swimsuits for the Little Ones

The Cutest Swimsuits for the Little Ones // Bubby and Bean
1. Floral Skirt Swim One-Piece, Gap  //  2. Fringe One-Piece, Carters  //  3. Tankini Two-Piece Swimsuit, Tucker + Tate  //  4. Girls’ Ruffle Bikini, Target  //  5. Flamingo One-Piece, Macy’s  //  6. Skirted Two-Piece Swimsuit, Mini Boden  //  7. Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit, Target  //  8. Palm Palm Tankini, Roxy  //  9. One-Piece Heart Swimsuit, Tucker + Tate  //  10. Pompom Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit, PilyQ  //  11. Watermelon Swimsuit, H&M  //  12. Nununu Star Swimming Suit, 11 Main

Essley started swimming lessons one week ago today, and so far, so good. We were a little nervous at first because it’s kind of an intensive series (four days a weeks for two weeks) instead of being spread out over several weeks like most swim classes, but with Robbie’s and my work schedules it was the only session that we could do this summer. Thankfully, it’s been a great experience. I think having the classes everyday has enabled her to keep what she’s learning fresh in her mind, and she seems genuinely excited to get back in the water each day. We actually just got back from a short family trip to a town we visit every year, and she loved the hotel pool so much more than she did last year. Yes, this could be (and most likely is) due to the fact that she’s a toddler now vs. a baby, but we’ll just stick with the idea that the swimming lessons are to thank.

In addition to the joy it brings me to see my little babe having fun in the pool, there has been another fun part of the experience – picking out little swimsuits. There are so many adorable bathing suits out there for babies and toddlers and little kids, but the pieces you see above represent some of my favorites for little ladies. (There are a whole lot of cute swimming trunks for boys too, but since I shopped for Essley, I’m focusing on girls’ suits today.) Ess actually has #4 and #7. The one piece has been perfect for her lessons, and the little bikini has been fun for her to play in the baby pool on our deck. She also has this ridiculously cute cover-up, which I wish came in an adult size more than I can express.

Who else has babies and toddlers in swimming lessons right now? Which suit above is your favorite?


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