Spay Illinois offers dog and cat vaccines by appointment

Spay Illinois offers dog and cat vaccines by appointment
… and heartworm test for only $ 65 (plus county tag). For cats, the cat well pack costs $ 45 for the 1-year rabies vaccine, FVRCP distemper combo and FeLv vaccine. All services can also be purchased individually. Flea & Tick and heartworm prevention

CDC reports 11 cases of human plague since April
Purple-colored Yersinia pestis bacteria, the bacteria that causes the plague, seen on the spines of a flea. … Since April 1, there have been 11 cases of human plague in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday
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[Annual Rodent Control Issue] On the Trail of Troublesome Rodents
Leather gloves, forceps, a flashlight, flea comb, and miscellaneous supplies fill his backpack. A van approaches from the west and slows to a stop. The door slides opens and sleepy eyes meet his own. Another day of rodent research has begun. The van …
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