Thoughts On Our Mother Daughter Bond (+ a $100 Minnetonka Gift Card Giveaway!)

Our Mama Daughter Bond (+ a $  100 Minnetonka Gift Card Giveaway!)

Mother’s Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year. I have vivid childhood memories of getting indescribably excited in the days leading up, and putting together elaborate plans to surprise my mom that often involved construction paper flowers and makeshift (often to the point of being inedible) breakfasts in bed. Even into adulthood, I’ve looked forward to celebrating my mama, and the traditions have continued; although these days they manifest as taking my mom to Mother’s Day brunch with her best friend and daughter and more practical gift ideas to express my gratitude.

While showing love for my own mother is still a huge part of Mother’s Day for me, I’d be lying if I said the day didn’t became something much bigger when I became a mother myself. The fact that I am now completely responsible for the lives of other humans is often mind boggling, and it’s also often exhausting; so having a day where I get to be pampered by said humans is greatly appreciated. But it’s much more than the logistical aspects of being a mom that make this day such a big deal to me. There is something truly indescribable about the feeling of love that washes over me each time I look one of my children in the eye – one that is so intense it could bring me to my knees. Everything about them – from the way they laugh to the sounds they make when they’re sleeping to the quirks that make each of them a special, unique person – brings me profound joy. And on Mother’s Day, everything about the day-to-day that makes parenting a challenge sort of stops for a minute and I’m able to really focus on all of this, and just relish in the bliss of motherhood, my greatest gift in life.

With Mother’s Day so quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my daughter Essley (who made me a mother!) and I have grown so close. I feel very lucky because I have equally strong bonds with both of my kids, but now that Essley is finally at an age (three and a half) where she is truly a little person with a defined personality of her own, she and I are genuinely the best of friends. We are both affectionate by nature, and when we’re together, we’re usually holding hands or snuggling. We can talk and talk, even about preschooler things like cartoons and picture books and whatever pretend games she played with her friends at school, and never get bored. When she cries, I am the one who can instantly make her feel better, and although she doesn’t know this, she is the one who can make me feel happy on sad days as well. We have our own unique styles (she loves pink and sparkles and embellishments; I’m mostly into neutral, minimalist styles with a bohemian vibe), but we share a common love for things like fringe (check out our matching Morocco Sandals and Coco Sandals) and comfy cotton summer dresses. And we enjoy so many of the same activities – from creating art to watching movies (always with a bowl of popcorn) to playing with animals to stereotypically girly stuff like shopping and painting our nails to exploring nature. Getting outside and exploring the outdoors, like we did through a walk to the park in these pictures, is probably our favorite bonding experience – and something we will undoubtedly do on Mother’s Day.

I’m grateful everyday to get to experience the bond I do with my little girl, and to be able to have what is truly the best job in the world as a mother to her and my sweet Emmett – but Mother’s Day is the best day of all when it comes to really be able to enjoy the bliss of what motherhood means. And to celebrate this glorious day, I’m teaming up with my pals at Minnetonka to give one lucky Bubby and Bean reader/follower $ 100 to spend in their online shop to get yourself and your little one matching shoes like Essley and me – or to spend any way you choose!

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This giveaway will run for one week (through May 10th, 2017), and is open to Bubby and Bean with a U.S. shipping address. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced here shortly after the end of the giveaway.

I’d like to extend a big thanks to the wonderful folks over at Minnetonka for making such stylish shoes (Ess and I are wearing our beloved Morocco Sandals and Coco Sandals as I type this), and for giving away such a great prize. And to all of you who are mothers (fur babies count too!), have mothers, are aunties or godmothers or grandmothers, or just appreciate moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

This post is in partnership with Minnetonka. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.


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