Moving Inspiration: Kitchens (Part 2)

9 Gorgeous Gray and White Kitchen Ideas
Kitchens from top: 1.  RusticRoom   |  2.  Apartment Therapy   |  3. Found on Pinterest with no link (if you know original source, please let me know)  |  4. Our Vintage Home Love |  5. Kevin Dakan  |  6. Jenna Sue Design  |  7. Found on Pinterest with no link (if you know original source, please let me know)  |  8. Apartment Therapy  |  9. Found on Pinterest with no link (if you know original source, please let me know)

I’m titling this “part 2″ because I already featured kitchens in the Moving Inspiration series way back in September of 2015. And now that we are in a home and I know what we have to work with, my design goals have changed slightly. (Side note: I guess I should probably update the title of this series, since we’re – thank you universe! – no longer house hunting or moving and are finally in a space we’ll hopefully remain for a while. I’ll have to think about that some more.)

Right now, our kitchen features unpainted oak cabinets, cream formica counters, and a beige/ochre sort of paint color. While it’s certainly nothing to complain about, it’s not our style at all, and honestly our least favorite room in our house. Since it’s open to the living room, we have to look at it a lot, so it’s something we’d like to update sooner than later. So far we have redone Essley’s bedroom, and next on the list is Emmett’s bedroom, and then our backyard seating area and our laundry/mud room (both of which are going to be part of really fun partnerships; stay tuned!). I’m not quite sure when we’ll be getting to the kitchen, but the goal is to have it mostly done by the end of the year. We’ll be painting the walls gray or white, painting the cabinets gray or white, and adding subway tiles. Eventually we also want to replace the countertops with something more our style, and replace the sink with a farmhouse style.

The kitchens you see above, while all different, are providing me with lots of inspiration for when we can finally get started on ours. It’s really helpful to have these virtual moldboards to consult as we begin to plan. Thank you for letting me share!


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