Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Bubby and Bean!

From all of us here at Bubby and Bean, Happy Love Day!

I know this day isn’t for everyone, and I get that – it’s admittedly very commercial, it often excludes those not in relationships, and love should be celebrated everyday, not just reserved for one day. But I personally am, and always have been, a fan. It’s never been about romance for me. In my mind, the ideals that surround Valentine’s Day – kindness, friendship, compassion, generosity, and good old fashioned love – deserve to be celebrated. I also adore seeing my little ones get so excited to make cards for their friends and family and to learn more about the importance of loving and being loved.

I said this last year too, but it may be even more relevant today: I hope that the love that is shared and felt on this Valentine’s Day spreads abundantly throughout our country and the world, where I think we can all agree, it is very much needed. Happy Love Day, friends. I love all of you!


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