Mixed Berry Jam (We Tried Canning!)

You may have already seen my posts about this over on Instagram, but we had so much fun with this that I wanted to briefly share here too.

A couple of weeks ago, my mama, daughter, and I all decided to try canning for the first time. We made jam out of strawberries and blackberries, and I was honestly shocked at (1) how easy it was and (2) how delicious the jam turned out. We used this recipe from BallĀ® jars, and while it was admittedly one of the more simple recipes I came across, I was still worried I’m mess it up. It turns out that I might actually be good at canning (or else I just chose the easiest recipe ever.) Regardless, we all really enjoyed it. 

I won’t repeat the details of the process here, but you can read all about them on IG, and also see some behind the scenes in my Stories highlights there. I can’t wait to do it again! If you’re interested in trying canning and you’re a newbie like we were, I highly suggest this recipe – it’s simple but still quite delicious.

Have any of you ever tried canning?


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