A Mama Daughter Bond

Our Mama Daughter Bond (+ a $  100 Minnetonka Gift Card Giveaway!)

We took these photos exactly 3 years ago today, when E and I had a little pre Mother’s Day celebration at a local park. We just walked around and talked (I wish I had recorded all the things she probably had to say at 3 years old) and played. I came across the photos and felt compelled to share, with what will surely be a strange Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday.

I know my family will make the day special for me, and that’s all that matters. But it feels weird knowing I can’t do my annual Mama’s Day brunch with family, and it feels heartbreaking that I can’t even give my own mom (who lives in our neighborhood) a hug. She lives two minutes away, but we haven’t hugged her in 7 weeks.

This doesn’t mean I’m not grateful though. And it doesn’t mean that that powerful Mama Daughter bond – that I have with my kids, and that my mom has with me – has been taken away.

This little girl is much bigger now, but she is truly my best friend. And I think this Mother’s Day, I’ll be more grateful for our bond than ever before.


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