Woman Arrested For Stealing From Safeway

Woman Arrested For Stealing From Safeway
When she was arrested, Hudson had a bunch of stolen items with her, ranging from mineral supplements and Rogaine to Frontline topical flea and tick prevention for pets. She had an unrelated arrest warrant from Washington county for a probation
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The REP to Present EM Lewis' HEADS, 1/30-2/16
The Los Angeles Times named Heads one of the Top 10 productions of 2007, with critic David Ng writing, "EM Lewis' new drama at the Blank Theatre Company, tells a story so topical that it feels as if the play was co-written by CNN." The Denver Examiner
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Cat Toxicity
The high dose topical flea and tick products labeled for dogs contain 40-50% pyrethrins and cause serious symptoms when applied to cats by mistake. Symptoms of pyrethrin toxicity are primarily neurologic; twitching and tremors that advance to full
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